The two kinds of procrastination

When it comes to writing, I see two separate kinds of procrastination.

The first is the inability to actually “get started” writing. You’re going about your daily activities and you know you need to sit down and start writing, but you keep delaying it. Or you’re sitting at the computer and doing something else (probably just web surfing or watching YouTube videos) and you know you need to start writing, but again, you keep delaying it.

The second kind of procrastination occurs after you’ve finally made the leap and announced to yourself that you’re actually starting on your writing, and maybe you make a little progress (or not), but ultimately you really can’t focus and you keep distracting yourself with web surfing or other unproductive activities.

In upcoming posts, I’ll talk about some tricks and techniques that I’ve started using to try to break through both of these barriers to becoming a really productive writer.

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